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What We’re Loving: Uncommon Goods’ Bamboo Wine Table

What We’re Loving: Uncommon Goods’ Bamboo Wine Table

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Outdoor dining just got cooler

Think about warm-weather dining: If you’re not sitting at an outside table in your backyard or at a café, most of the time when you’re dining outdoors it can get a little uncomfortable, either sitting on the grass in the park or on a bench or at the beach. And things get even worse if you don’t have a dish that’s finger-friendly.

Well, we’ve just discovered a brilliant solution to help you avoid sitting on the sand with a sandwich in your lap constantly on watch for seagulls or trying to balance a drink in the grass while you’re enjoying a picnic. Behold, the wine table from Uncommon Goods. The whimsical brand has a bamboo wine table that has the same functionality as a tiki torch or a beach umbrella. Dig it into the sand or the grass next to your beach blanket or lawn chair and you immediately have a table for one — or two.

The table has two slots for stemmed glasses — whether wine or champagne — and room for a light snack or small meal. It’s easy to use, easy to store, and a smart buy for the price, so get one for everyone in the family so they can enjoy their beach-side lunch without the hassle.


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