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Teo cake

Teo cake

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Sheets: Heat the bee honey together with the lard until it foams. Separately beat eggs with sugar, then add honey in combination with lard. Incorporate them well and then add the oil, baking soda and then flour. A non-sticky dough will form, which we will divide into three equal parts, and in one of them we will add the 2 tablespoons of cocoa. So 2 white sheets and one black one will come out. From this dough will be made 3 sheets that we will bake on the back of a tray lined with flour.

Cream: Boil 500 ml of milk, and separately mix the pudding powder with the 4 tablespoons of sugar and 100 ml of milk. This mixture will be added over boiled milk and mixed until it thickens. Leave the cream to cool and then add the margarine.

Assembly: The first white sheet will be placed on a tray, after which half of the cream will be added, then the cocoa sheet will be placed, over which the other half of the cream will be added, and at the end the second white sheet will be placed. Powder with powdered sugar and leave to cool for 2 hours, during which time the sheets will soften so that they can be portioned.

Easy to prepare but easier to eat!

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